~~~ Breeding Miniature Appaloosas for over 30 years ~~~



Miniature Appaloosa Horses

We have been breeding Miniature Appaloosas for over 30 years.

Great conformation, sweet temperaments and bold patterns!

      We have dedicated our program to producing the truest Miniature Appaloosas from day one. We do not knowingly use gray, non Appaloosa roan, pinto or any of the pinto type genes. We want to be as sure as we can that when you buy a Miniature Appaloosa from us it will produce like an Appaloosa. We use proper Appaloosa terminology when describing our Miniature Appaloosas and do our best to properly identify their base coat colours as well.

     We love studying the complex and intricate interaction of the Appaloosa gene (LP) and major pattern causing genes (PATN). These genes create a stunning and diverse array of patterns that were used to define the breed of horses known as Appaloosa in North America.

     We are more than happy to share the knowledge and experience we have gained from a life time of interest and over 30 years of breeding for these gorgeous spotted coats! We are also excited to hear from others who share in our enthusiasm for Appaloosas; there is always so much more we can learn, so please feel free to contact us.  We are thrilled to meet new friends and discover new bloodlines. Working together with other breeders is always rewarding and the way it should be.

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